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Our first organizational pivot, TrulyMAD in Houston, was a natural manifestation of the course we’d charted when we began Truly M.A.D. Labs, Inc. By choosing the office supply industry, a business sector with larger volume purchases, we greatly expanded our capability to fund the charities of the Greater Houston area and prove the viability of our business model in a different sector.

The website my team designed was built on the failures of our first website, prioritizing white space, cleanliness, and ease of navigation as we created unique functionality, including our own search function, TrulyMAD SmartLists, and TrulyMAD Subscriptions.

I handled the UX writing, with example available upon request, and worked with the head of our graphic design team to define our UI experience.


Ah, the homepage. If first impressions are everything, then my team decided it was best not to overwhelm, but even better to not be vague. Quite the balancing act, but I'd like to think we landed in between.

By emphasizing white space and horizontal segmentation (and ensuring optimization for mobile), we were able to create a homepage that evoked sentiments of familiarity, drawing from websites such as Amazon and Target, but also an originality and immediate call to action.

Charity / beneficiaries

Pairing with charitable organizations was central to our mission. I personally brought on all of the charities displayed below, and helped design the layout, specifically invoking call-to-action buttons on each profile page that allowed our users to set a preferred charity to donate to each time or, if they wished, change their current preset. 

The Houston Charity Fund, pictured below the examples of the action buttons, was an option for our customers who weren't sure which organization they preferred. By having a general fund, we ensured that each purchase could have an effect.

About us /  FAQ

Not every piece of copywriting is sexy, and writing an FAQ section certainly falls into that category. Someone has to do it, though.

Writing our About Us, replete with our mission statement and values, was almost as tenuous a process. Pivoting from activewear to office supplies doesn't necessarily carry the same amount of positive *er* vibes, if you will. As we moved from B2C to B2B, it was of utmost importance that I write easily understandable copy that would allow us to break into an entirely new market in an entirely new city (Houston!). 

To write our About Us section, I conducted interviews with current and former customers, did the market research, and formed the identity, managing the editing process as it proceeded through the team for approval.

The Blog!

Every organization needs a voice, so I created a blog. Stitched below are a few of the posts from our blog, which I did my best to create in the image of a community-minded professional.

Further blog posts are available upon request. Just email me at

promotional products

With access to over 30,000 products at our (electronic) fingertips, why not also create customized promotional products to supplement income and further business relationships?

At least, that's what I asked in a meeting one day. What resulted was our trulyMAD in Houston Promotional Product service, offered to current and prospective clients. I wrote copy and managed production with vendors.

search functionality

Our search functionality came from competitor and market research. We wanted, following the themes we'd set out for our homepage, to supplement our search bar by creating a clean, category filing that could whittle down 30,000+ products into one in just a few clicks.

The process was a user-tested one that, with monitoring of activity, was adapted and smoothed over, over the course of several months.

Smart List & Subscription functionality

Smart Lists and Subscriptions were programs created to rival Amazon's Wish Lists and Subscriptions. Quite simply, if we wanted to compare ourselves to Amazon, we had to have the same functionality as Amazon.

With hindsight, however, we were able to lift elements of what Amazon was doing, combine it with our own experience, and produce a unique interface and experience for the customer. 

First up, a visual tour of the subscription process:

And now Smart Lists!

checkout process

Creating an easy, flowing checkout process was vital to having our customers convert sales. Much work went into defining the customer journey and what points could use interjection from our team.

The orange circle in the bottom right of most pictures is Intercom, a live chat module that we used to offer support to customers who needed it, rather than interrupt their shopping experience. 

Similarly, we wanted our cart to push right along, only pausing to emphasize that customers choose a charity to which their donation percentage should go towards. As per most places in the website, I wrote the copy and led the experience mapping.