TMS scriptwriting


Roles: copywriting, content strategy

Working with 104.1 KRBE, I wrote native speaking points for the Radio DJs as well as ad segments that, currently, are under production. In writing these scripts, it was my aim to convey how easy the whole process was - shopping electronically, giving back to the charity of your choice, and making a difference in the community. With trulyMAD, it was possible to make life easier, and better with every purchase.
Radio Ads Script

Currently in production, we're creating guided access demonstration videos for client presentations and new user orientation to supplement the tweaks in UX/UI constantly being churned out. Even with our new website and all of the changes implemented to increase the sense of dynamism, ensuring that our customers were able to extract as much value as possible was tantamount. The videos, once finished, will cover for any knowledge gaps in the learning and adaptation process. 
Demo Videos Script