TMS Sales Documents


Roles: copywriting, content strategy

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Presented are the core documents in our sales process that I conceptualized and for which I wrote copy as part of the marketing strategy I also authored. 

  1. TrulyMad Supplies vs Amazon Smile: One of our earliest challenges in our pivot was identifying how to convey our messaging to potential customers over the phone, by email, or even in person. We began with explaining our history, our pivot, and our rationale in larger, sweeping narratives that often left people scratching their heads. I proposed that it would probably be easier to begin a conversation from a program most people were familiar with, so we chose to use Amazon Smile. By doing so, not only was I able to identify the businesses interested in giving back to their community, but suddenly I had a platform from which I could launch into the value of our work.
  2. Competitive Pricing: In marketing conversations, once customers understood who we were in comparison to Amazon Smile, and how our giveback rate functioned, their next question inevitably was about pricing. Again, rather than just state our prices independent of any of our competitors, I thought it best to rank a sample of typical goods we sold as compared to recognizable brands such as Staples, Office Depot, and Quill.   

  3. Number of Products / Brands & Shipping Times: Along this customer journey, it was always reasonable at some point to be prepared to answer questions about variety and availability, as well as shipping times, both local and national. 

  4. The TrulyMAD Advantage: For customers that - even after hearing about our giveback rate, pricing, shipping time, and selection - were still unsure, I wrote and planned out the TrulyMAD Advantage document. This all-inclusive approach synthesized the other documents we'd come up with to distribute to office managers, heads of HR, or whomever, to make keeping our information on hand a bit easier. With follow-up calls and emails, it was an easily referenced document that allowed conversations to continue seamlessly and sales to be converted at a faster rate.