TMS Advertising


Roles: copywriting, content strategy

Our paid advertising campaign came on two fronts - electronic ads and stickers! Wait, stickers? STICKERS!!!! More on that after some examples of more widely distributed, electronic ads:

Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.21.36.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.21.11.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.21.06.png

Okay, back to stickers

In the process of trying to create distributable marketing collateral that our customers would enjoy and share, while also remaining cost effective, we tried just about everything. Certificates, personalized letters, personalized emails, shoutouts on social media, and more. The solution wasn't what I expected, but who would have though adults would like stickers just as much as kids?

By creating sticker packs and sending them to our distribution warehouse, I was able to ensure each box delivered included a sticker. Our customers loved the stickers, and would adorn office spaces with them, which increased our visibility and enabled conversations with executive leadership regarding expanded business opportunities.

Here are just a few for which I wrote the copy and implemented the distribution:

Screenshot 2017-10-17 18.33.36.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.49.32.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.49.18.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.48.28.png
Screenshot 2017-10-20 16.48.15.png
Screenshot 2017-10-17 18.35.04.png