faith. family. future! Capital Campaign


Roles: Copywriter, Project Management, Product Design, Advertising, Event Manager, Layout Designer/Graphic Artist
Award: 2014 Program Segment Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter

The story of Bishop McNamara, far from the glitzier private schools in the Washington, D.C. area, was one of tremendous adversity, and as followed, even more inspiring perseverance. In a national audit conducted in 1992, Bishop McNamara and La Reine High School, two schools associated by unfunded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., were recommended to be closed. Rather than shuttering their doors, Bishop McNamara, at the time a school for boys, and La Reine, conversely a school for girls, decided to integrate. 

As Bishop McNamara celebrated its 50th year anniversary, and 22 years since its fateful assessment, it was the mission of the senior leadership to honor the legacy of La Reine while also addressing concerns of a swelling student body. The proposal, from over a year of study groups, interviews, and leadership donor identification was the Faith. Family. Future! Capital Campaign, meant to raise the funds from alumni and business solicitations to build the La Reine Science Center Wing onto the school, as well as make major renovations to the existing structures.

As head of communications and marketing, I wrote the script for our campaign kickoff video, Discover the Difference, conducted location scouting, compiled interview guests, created the 50th Anniversary logo and accompanying advertising collateral, wrote executive speaking points, and coordinated the kickoff event. Working with On Target Design, who shot and edited the video, we not only raised enough money to fund the wing, but won an Emmy!

Check out a sampling of the work that went into the campaign, including the video itself, the t-shirt I designed, the advertisements, and the article I wrote to announce the campaign to the general public:

Apart from the video, I also designed shirts to celebrate the 50th anniversary!


As a private school, Bishop McNamara advertised in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions. Following along with the theme of "Discover the Difference," I created a series of contrasting, evocative shots that would stand in contrast to "traditional" school advertisements - those with four to five students engaged in an academically enriching activity. I wanted compelling, unique, and provocative, which I coupled with cutting over 40 percent of our total ad placement to afford a spot in The Washington Post. The reach and response was overwhelming - applications alone rose nearly 20 percent in a single year.


Finally, I ghostwrote and published a piece in the Mustang Messenger using the name of our then-principal, Dr. Robert Van Der Waag, releasing the full details of the renovation to our entire base of supporters, but also discussing the idea of Bishop McNamara in 50 years, as it would be celebrating its 100th year anniversary.